Upgrading from XI 3.1 to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0

I’ve been working on a test-upgrade from BO XI 3.1 to SAP BO4. Here’s what I did, and my findings so far. I haven’t tested the outcomes thoroughly yet, so I might miss some flaws, and I might accuse some errors to the upgrade process while they might be caused by some other factor(s).

What did I do?

Stop all BO servers, except the CMS, Input and Output server.

Start the upgrade management tool on the new BO4 system:

Select the type of upgrade. I did the complete upgrade.

Fill out logon credentials for both systems.

Enter Base_URL for QaaWS. I did no testing with QaaWS yet, and I do not know whether the URL provided by me is correct.

BO is retrieving objects from the source system.



2 Folders failed and 43 (all) DataDiscovery objects failed:

I tried the incremental upgrade as well, obviously the wizard lets you choose the objects for upgrade:


My findings with migrated objects

Objects that were standard on the filter bar disappeared after the upgrade.


Layout screw ups:



Links to other webi documents no longer work:

I encountered some other errors during developing / using BO4. Like I said before; I did not yet investigate these thoroughly so I can’t pinpoint the problems related to these.


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6 thoughts on “Upgrading from XI 3.1 to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0

  1. samid

    Hello Paul,

    I´m searching for some information about SAP BusinessObjects because I need to do an upgrade of a SAP BO XI 3.1 to SAP BO Business Intelligence platform 4.0 and I found your blog, in particulary this upgrade subject. Can you tell me what you recommended, what I have to take in count, which warness I have to take in count to make this activity with sucess!?


    1. Paul Berden Post author

      Hi Samid, always make sure you have a backup and test! But that´s a no-brainer…

      I only migrated WebI objects, and had no problems with the Universes / Connections. With the WebI reports I did have some problems. Some of them I never investigated fully and simply rebuild the entire report. As you can see in screenshots check for:
      -layout problems (like in the footer)
      -input controls
      -objects in the filter bar
      -complex queries

      If you need to migrate Explorer or Xcelsius objects be aware that you need to upgrade the Universe unv files to the Information Design Tool unx files. Unfortunately the IDT has not yet all the features that the Universe Designer has, like formatting. See: /2012/08/sap-businessobjects-information-design-tool-review/

  2. BO)_User

    I was wondering how long did the whole process take?

    Very Informative site overall.

    1. Paul Berden

      The actual process as I have described above took me about a day. This however does not include time for testing and acceptation, which will take much more time.

  3. Malcolm Spence

    Did you ever test QaaWS. I am going from 3.1 to 4.1 and have can not get the host name added. It keeps saying my URL is bad even though I can display all the services.

    1. Paul

      Hi Malcolm, I did not have any QaaWS queries for migrating when I wrote this. I did migrate some QaaWS objects later but can’t recall having any problems with the migration.

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