Pareto chart with ABC classification

In a previous post I explained how to create a Pareto chart. In this post I will elaborate on this by displaying A-B-C categories. I am doing this in WebI Rich Client on SAP BO XI 3.1 SP3.

We have materials and their invoice value:

Add a Pareto variable:

Add a new variable for displaying the A class items:

Create two more variables for B and C class items:

B : =If [Pareto] >= 0.75 And [Pareto] < 0.9 Then [Net Invoice Value]

C : =If [Pareto] >= 0.9 Then [Net Invoice Value]

Drag and drop a vertical bar and line chart from the ‘Templates’ tab into the canvas. Drag and drop the following variables in the chart:

Sort on the value variable:

Switch view:

To improve the display of the chart set the following options:

The result now is:

You might notice that there are actually two columns for each material code. One for the ‘Net Invoice Value’ and one for the A-B-C class. We cannot remove the ‘Net Invoice Value’ because we are sorting on that variable. That is why we will have to make that column the same color as the background.

The background has RGB color 240, 240, 240 (Wall color). So let’s edit the color palette.

Click ‘…’ next to Palette:

Click ‘Edit Palette…’

Click the first color:

Go to the RGB tab and change the values to 240, 240, 240.


Change the Z axis properties in order to display percentages and to set the max to 100%:


And the result is:


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One thought on “Pareto chart with ABC classification

  1. Domenico

    Great Work.

    How can i group the values of Class A and Class B in 2 single bar? is it possibile?

    I had tried to do this but no results!

    Thank You very much!

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