About me

Hi, my name is Paul Berden and I’m the creator and writer here. I live in Venlo (the Netherlands) together with my girlfriend.Paul Berden

I’m a Business Intelligence consultant at NewFrontiers Software Developer at Teradata. I have a masters degree Industrial Engineering and Management Science, I graduated at the faculty of Business Information Systems. My major experiences so far are; SAP ECC R/3 implementation, ISO 9001 / 14001 coordination, SAP Business Objects deployment.  I’m interested in the intersection of business and IT, Business Intelligence (BI) is exactly at that intersection. BI aims to support better business decision-making for all layers in an organization.

I started this blog to share experiences and thoughts with two goals: Firstly as a personal online archive for things I learn during my work and secondly to share knowledge with like minded. I try to write my articles in English, but occasionally a Dutch article might show up. This blog only contains my personal views, thoughts and opinions which are not necessarily those of my employer.

My personal interests: playing on my alto saxophone and acoustic guitar, running, cycling, motor cycling, traveling.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find this site useful.

Paul Berden